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Privately Owned: keeping the customer in charge
ORS Inc is privately owned, which means we have no investors to please; just customers. This keeps us focused on running our business with the right priorities.
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We're not your mother's billing company.
At ORS we've combined a traditional business skilled in revenue cycle management with some of the freshest engineering talent in the industry to create a powerful organization. Improvements to our internal business office opperations have provided the foundation on which we've built a 'better mousetrap' for our clients' needs. Now, we're exporting the same knowledge base of proficiencies built on the back of technology to deliver products that really make a difference for our clients. Our company policy has always been to exceed customer expectations without exceeding their budgets; it keeps our clients coming back for more (and we like that).
ORS, Inc. finds its niche in transitioning the Healthcare Revenue Cycle into a simplified business model. ORS, founded in 1994, is an Indianapolis-based healthcare solutions company, focusing primarily on the development of both technology and process engineering to enhance the optimal performance of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle. An understanding of the complexities of the multi-faceted healthcare environment enables us to devise solutions that replace traditional thinking.