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Data Migration
After helping so many clients transition to a new system, ORS has gotten pretty good at knowing how to migrate data. In doing so, we've learned how to mix and match about every type of import possible, and we have done it while maintaining things like Insurance Coverage Sequence, Financial Class and Collection History - things that are sometimes just as important as First Name and Last Name. Whether it be Demographics, Financials, Chart Files or 6 million Scanned images from an old EMR, we're up to the challenge of finding it in one system and inserting it into another.
Missing even a few pieces of patient data can cause staff hours of additional time recapturing the information on. This is in addition to having to maintaion multiple systems for 'workout periods' that never seem to end on schedule.
Data conversions are included for all ORS Revenue Cycle Solutions clients as a value add, but this services is also available on an as-needed basis for almost any entity. Contact us today for your solution!
Data Analysis
Having the ability to access the raw data, of a system affords our clients the advantage of being able to truly analyze it. Figuring out which employee creates the most duplicates, finding which location has had the largest decrease in Commercial patients and identifying which Physicians actually spend 30 minutes for a new patient appointment are items that can truly help influence the day to day decisions of an organization. What you choose to analyze is limited only by your imagination
By allowing custom analysis tools and reports to be built for each organization, we help the OB group ensure their delivery pre-payments are coming in on time and the Ortho group to make sure they get their work status updates out to the case managers timely. Every organization has its own needs; being able to build on an 'app' is a lot easier than ripping out an entire system for a few features.
Ask ORS how we can help your find what what you're looking for. We can do single data source analysis or build an 'app' through our Client Portal that provides real time information whenever you want it.
To get started, give us call. We'll want a sample of the data to be accessed and a detailed request of the desired output, and we take it from there. It's really that simple.