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As technology becomes more complex, healthcare organizations face many challenges caused by inconsistent data sharing between systems.
Introducing -( fuse )-
ORS is pleased to announce the release of its fuse Interface Server Platform, an all-in-one black-box solution capable of bridging even the most incompatible of healthcare systems. Designed for the modest budget, ORS fuse acts as a translator between any number of dissimilar systems. ORS fuse's novel approach lies in its design of being product independent. ORS fuse manages and translates real-time inbound and outbound data traffic for each connected system
Let your systems talk; what they have to say just might surprise you.
fuse has the ability to transfer various forms of data between segregated healthcare-based systems -- and it can do it with more than just the HL7 standard. The following are a few of the example interfaces that fuse Interface Server has implemented.
The fuse Interface Server keeps an eye on itself and its connections, so you don't have to worry. Every connection to the server is built with a heartbeat signal that sends its status back to the server (and our HQ for off-site installations) for real time monitoring and status. With this feature, you can allow the server to send automated messages to alert you when one of the connections is having a problem. Fixing problems before they start is critical in a patient setting.
What are you waiting for?
fuse Interface Server can help your organization leverage previously unknown connections between disparate systems. ORS is skilled in adding new custom interface feeds for your unique situations. Contact us today to inquire more about fuse.
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