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Our core business has always been revenue cycle management. We do it every day, and we do it well! There always seem better ways to maximize revenue while minimizing cost; we'll help show you how.
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Staff Training - take the puzzle out of using your system
After the countless meetings, painstaking analysis, and lengthy presentations that define healthcare services/product strategic decisions, you want to ensure your goals are fully achieved. These marks can only be hit if your people are given the tools and knowledge needed to work effectively in their altered environment. ORS understands the challenges end-user adoption brings. Our multi-level approach recognizes we are all resistant to change. From start to finish, ORS works to simplify processes while educating the organizations with which we work.
Software companies tend to lack severly when it comes to training on the product they just sold you. Whether it be pointing you to generic online video tutorials or walking you through a short tutorial that has nothing to do with your individual workflows, things tend to be missed. Since employees and software tend to be some of the largest costs in healthcare organizations, wouldn't it make sense to ensure that the staff knows how to use the software to its fullest extent? For example, training someone how to save 60 seconds per patient during registration can save 1 - 2 hours in a single workday (thatís a 12-25% improvement).
ORS builds and performs customized training regimines for every oneof its clients as part of a Revenue Cycle Solutions Agreement. We also offer it as a separate service for certain software applications.
If your employees look at your software applications like a puzzle, call us today to see how we can help.
Included for free to all Revenue Cycle Clients