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Our core business has always been revenue cycle management. We do it every day, and we do it well! There always seem better ways to maximize revenue while minimizing cost; we'll help show you how.
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The Tech Bonus - Our Secret Ingredient!
If it can be automated or simplified, we'll build the tool to do it. No system (PM, EHR, RIS/PACs/HIE/etc.) is perfect. Every client has their own unique processes and circumstances. Our suite of continually evolving plug-ins and tools help create the 'Perfect System' so clients can better manage financials and improve the patient experience, while positively pulling the levers that drive cost & revenue.
Partnering with ORS gives clients access to the following tools:
iQueue Claim Follow-up System
No more paper work lists. iQueue allows our follow-up staff to manage hundreds of patient accounts without sifting through unnecessary information. Reminders and custom filters allow accounts to be temporarily hidden until additional actions need to be made on that account. Ultimately, iQueue streamlines the follow-up collections process, saving coutless hours (read: costs) by focusing limited resources where they are needed most at any given time.
Vault Lockbox Management
Our posting module turns an inefficient paper process into a streamlined electronic one. We use text recognition on scans of bank deposits to build an electronic database for our posters. From there, our custom interface eliminates a messy paper trail and puts everything on the computer for posters and follow-up representatives.
myhELO Patient Registration Portal
The concept is simple. By creating an online registration and health record for your patients, their registration and medical assessment record can be sent electronically directly to you. The provider benefits because the information received is accurate, insurance is verified at no cost and the data can either be brought into your system electronically or downloaded by your staff for pre-registration.
Custom Client Portal (reports, analysis tools, etc.)
Need a new feature or report for your individual needs? Ok, no problem...and it won't cost you. We dedicate an entire team to build custom enhancements per our client requests, full time. When we create something for one client, the rest get it as well. From custom employee productiviy reports to workman's comp management tools to physician compensation analysis, we've done that. Everything is accessed from one place and usually synced up with your other systems.
Patient Tracker
Knowing where patients are at any given time inside a doctor's office can be a difficult task. Our Patient Tracker allows front office staff to see any detail about all of the patients they are working with. Timers even allow administrators to see how long a patient has spent in any of the stages of his or her visit.
Auto-dialer Patient Appointment Reminders
We use an automatic dialing system that can call or text patients about upcoming appointments and overdue payments. It can collect feedback such as appointment confirmation or make all the cancellation calls if the office closes due to emergency (weather, physician illness, etc.). The system runs automatically on real-time data -- no human intervention necessary. Our clients love it because the cost per call is super low and it simply works.