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Our core business has always been revenue cycle management. We do it every day, and we do it well! There always seem better ways to maximize revenue while minimizing cost; we'll help show you how.
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Custom Portal - because one size does not fit all
A reoccurring theme at ORS is our attention to our clients’ individual needs. No two organizations are alike and every place has its own unique needs. When partnering with ORS, every client obtains access to their own custom portal chock-full with goodies that fill all of the holes left behind by their installed systems.
By integrating many of the PM and EHR/EMR systems our clients use, ORS is able to build all of those extra 'buttons and tools' our clients need to become more efficient.
When one tool is built for any client, the rest of them get access to the same tool, so things are always being added. From Customized Employee Productivity Reports to Patient Prep and Tracking Schedulers to Workman's Compensation Episode Management and Status Queues, the Custom Portal creates better processes for our clients.
Even though most of our tools don't actually directly involve ORS's component of the relationship, we feel strongly that the entire Revenue Cycle Process functions as a whole. We’re committed to making sure both our own and our client's functions run smoothly; its an easy recipe for a successful relationship.
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