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Our core business has always been revenue cycle management. We do it every day, and we do it well! There always seem better ways to maximize revenue while minimizing cost; we'll help show you how.
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Data Conversions - including the stuff you actually need
Switching systems can be a painful process. First thereís the tremendous cost, overpriced systems and staff allocation, training, downtime, IT resources, etc etc etc. To top it all off, very little of that data from the old system actually comes over into the new system; two steps forward, one step back, right?
Most vendors donít like dealing with the old systems' data; enter ORS. We arenít scared of old clunky systems with data exports that look like they should be printed on green bar paper (remember that stuff)?
We've mixed and matched about every type of import possible, and have done it while maintaining things like Insurance Coverage Sequence, Financial Class and Collection History - things that are sometimes just as important as First Name and Last Name. Whether it be Demographics, Financials, Chart Files or 6 million Scanned images from an old EMR, we're up to the challenge.
Data conversions are included for all ORS Revenue Cycle Solutions clients as value add but this services is also available on an as-needed basis for almost any entity. Contact us today for your solution!
Included for free to all Revenue Cycle Clients