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Before you call...
If you are having an issue with an ORS provided product, please make sure you have the following information when calling:
1 - An Internet connection
Most of ORS's products are web-based, meaning they are used through a web browser. If you are having issues connecting to any of our products, please try opening up a separate Internet browser window to see if you can hit another external website (like
2 - The application name
Please have the name (and version number if you know it) of the product you are calling about. If you are having issues logging in, please have the username that you are trying to login as ready for us.
3 - The action you are trying to perform
If you are receiving an error message, please write it down or take a screenshot if possible. It's very helpful to know what you were doing just before the error occurred and what you typed in or clicked to get the issue to occur. If this issue has happened more than once, please make sure to mention it.
4 - Contact us
You can either call or email us. We prefer email because it gives us a chance to take a look at the problem prior to talking to you.
Email us at:
For technical support with any of our products or serivces, you can email us any time. Please include your contact information within the email. Callbacks rarely take longer than 10 minutes but can be up to 30 minutes depending on demand.
Be sure to include as much information as possible and be sure not to send any HIPAA related information within the email. Email is not a secure method of transmitting this type of information.
Call us at: 317-773-4163
For technical support with any of our products or services, please call our support line. We are available from 8am until 5pm (est) weekdays. After hours help is available on a per client basis.
Remote Support
Only if instructed, enter your session key in the box below. This will allow your technican to remote into your computer and provide assistance.
Session key
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