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Our core business has always been revenue cycle management. We do it every day, and we do it well! There always seem better ways to maximize revenue while minimizing cost; we'll help show you how.
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What You Get
ORS recognizes that organizations today have to work harder with less people all while watching reimbursement shrink nationwide. Taking a holistic approach, ORS sees the typical revenue cycle differently than most other billing service firms. While the core functions of a billing services firm is fairly defined, ORS provides tools, processes, and training to create far more positive outcomes across the entirety of the healthcare business cycle. As a turn-key service provider, clients can expect a complete compliment of services and technology value adds designed with one goal in mind: increase net reimbursement at an overall lowered cost base.
Revenue Cycle Service ORS Client Joint
Online data collection for patient registration
Online data collection for medical information
Online electronic insurance verification
Manual verification for non electronic payers for scheduled admissions, surgeries, radiology
Financial counseling based on verification info
Claim scrubber feedback on all errors
Electronic claim correction and submission
Billing for Primary, Secondary, Tertiary payers
True or technical denial follow-up
Bank Lockbox processing
Cash/contractual and adjustment posting
Lockbox and remittance advice balancing
Payment validation (proration) per contract
Respond to payment inquiries/customer service
Follow-up on unpaid claims or self-pay accounts
Online patient payment, statements
Online patient payment arrangements
Charity applications and approval
Prepare refund documention for provider payables dept.
Monthly monitoring of collection vendors
Monthly accounts receivable/dashboard reporting
Secure access to Provider's PFS/EMR systems
Accounts receivable detail resides on Provider System
Provider maintains accounts receivable data in HIPAA compliant electronic format
Provides access to following documents electronically:
Fully complete registration source documents
Itemized charges
ICD9/10 and CPT codes
Complete MSP Questionnaire
HIPAA-AS compliant electronic transaction files
Provide requested medical records or other needed claims processing information within 3 days of request
Physician credentailing for payment
Charge master set up, maintenance and coding current
Confirm CMS/HIPAA compliance of ORS claim editor
Develop agreed-upon processes for obtaining info from each other
Develop standards or thresholds for moving insured accounts to self-pay, write-off status or outside collection
Determine ORS personnel "scope of authority" for individual account adjustments/write-offs